Some things linger forever…

Sunday night after trick-or-treating, the family was over at Jen’s folks and Rylee and I were sitting next to the fireplace. I was explaining to her how we have to be careful so we don’t get hurt by it.

She asked, “Daddy, when you were a little boy, did you get to do the fire?”

I told her that I helped with the newspaper, like she does, but I watched my daddy make the fire. One time I thought I would help, and a little ember had popped out and hurt my finger. It was nothing serious, just something I learned by.

After this, Rylee looks at me and asks, “Daddy, where live your daddy?”

I told her, “My daddy lives with Jesus now. But that’s okay, one day we’ll see him again.”

With a slight tinge of sadness in her voice she said “Oh…”

Without missing a beat, Jen’s dad chimed in and said, “Yeah, its sad because he would have loved you very much.”

Indeed he would.

We just let that linger there for a bit.


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