New Home for the CCG Toolkit

CCG Toolkit

With the transfer of the blog and the shut down of the domain,  I needed to find a new home for the CCG Toolkit code (Deck Studio, Netrep, RONIN), since I believe it is a great resource for anybody looking to cut their teeth on some code or want an idea for building a similar application suite. Most notably I think the use of separate libraries in a SQLite format, plus the potential use of the EAV database model to add new CCGs into the system has a lot of merit.

That said, I’ve gotten most of the files organized and transfered over to CodePlex. I hope a few programmers might be able to stumble across the code too and benefit from it. I still need to trip up the main project zip for Deck Studio and the master database SQL file, but I should have that done soon.

Update: Thanks to Mickey’s comment below, here’s the direct link to the “binaries” or the “installer” version of the apps. No need to worry about source code.


6 thoughts on “New Home for the CCG Toolkit”

  1. so how can i use this if it doesn’t have the installer like it did when it was on it’s own website? just wondering for i liked the deckstudio even though it could use a way of being a checklist as well :)

  2. Greetings Mickey!

    When you go to the CodePlex site, click the “download” menu item and then look on the far right hand side. Over there will be a menu option that says “Binaries”. If you select this option, you can download the installer version of the program.

    Better yet, here’s the direct link:

    I’ll update the post accordingly. Good catch! Many thanks!

  3. Hi Dillie-O,

    I just downloaded the MSI for 1.9 from your link posted above. When I try to install it (Windows 7 x64), I get a message saying “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package”. I tried to run in it compatibility mode, but that showed the same result. Any ideas? Thanks!


  4. Hi Dillie-O,

    Sorry, I should have tried this before I posted, but I re-downloaded the MSI and now it installs. Thanks!


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