…which loosely translated is “Warmest greetings to you friend!”

So I’m finally “caving in.” I’ve been around the net for a while and just about everybody has a blog. Shoot, I’ve always considered myself the more “geekier” chap in my circles of friends and most of them already have blogs! 8^D So I’m tossing my cards into the hat.

Primarily though, I wanted to get this up and running in reponse to my ongoing hobby project, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Toolkit. I’ve been working on it in various forms for about 4 years now [it’s scary how time flies] and I want to document how I’ve been merging three seperate, yes similar projects into a single suite and all the cool stuff I’ve found along the way.

I’ll tell ya that I’ve learned more working on the toolkit than at my primary job, primarily due to the fact that I’m dealing with areas outside of my normal work, so I’m digging into documentation more, covering a broader range of topics, and getting good feedback from the community.

I also realized I do have venue here to parse out some thoughts on life in general, since I’ve really reached a point where I’m working to integrate the many facets of my life together, hence the subtitle of the blog.

You won’t find anything profound here, but every now and then the good Lord puts a nugget or two of wisdom in there that manifests itslef, and I hope to share.

So until next time… peace out homeskillets!!! [which loosely translated is “Take care until next we meet my dear and wonderful friends.”]


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